What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga, which has become known as the yoga of awareness. Through regular practice it offers heightened consciousness and a greater sense of wellbeing. It is not a yoga that is based on postures, or Asana, which makes it different to most mainstream yoga styles. A typical class consists of a series of physical movements; also know as a ‘Kriya’, a relaxation and a meditation. Movements can be held for two or three minutes, often combined with a breathing pattern, allowing energy pathways within the body to open and rebalance.

Once these energy channels are open, physical and mental healing can begin. Meditation is a large part of Kundalini yoga. Often meditation is used to release stored emotion and stress by working with breathing patterns and mantras. Kundalini yoga is powerful, fast and effective. It provides simple steps that anyone can do no matter their age or physical ability. No previous experience of yoga is necessary to join a class and all classes are mixed ability.

What is Sen Wellness Kundalini Yoga?

Sen Wellness Kundalini Yoga is an extension of the medical support we provide our patients, primarily offered to assist each and every patient to overcome any health concerns they might have. Part of the Sen Wellness philosophy is that patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own physical and spiritual maintenance and wellbeing. To be self-sufficient through being equipped with powerful effective practice, which are in essence tools that promote self-development. Sen Wellness has been offering Kundalini Yoga Classes for over 10 years, with great success.

For those people who have never attended a group class before and feel nervous, we also offer 1-2-1 yoga sessions. This allows people to get a feel for the practice before trying a class. 1-2-1 sessions are also available for those people who would like to work on a specific need and for advice on starting a daily practice at home.

How can Kundalini help Sen Wellness patients?

At Sen Wellness we believe it is the combination of osteopathic healing and self-empowering yoga practice that is key to transforming ill health to health, and keeping it that way. We want patients to get well and stay well, and so we offer a range of treatments that deal with the whole person and not just the problem. As a team we discuss patients’ needs so we can keep a close eye on how they are moving forward and benefit from their treatment programme. Attending a group class also offers a social aspect, getting to know one another and building a community that one can feel part of and have fun with.


"Thank you, Sam, for your beautiful energy and Sen Wellness for being my perfect sanctuary to restore and renew my system when I need it most.”

Lori Silmon Neilson

– December 2020

"Sam fixed me within months, and I got my life back. Continuing to see Sam for my overall wellbeing, he has been a major factor in my positive life changes."

Cheryl Wing

- December 2020

"Sen Wellness Clinic and Sam have been one of the most significant discoveries I have ever made."

Blanca Martin

– November 2020