The right therapy for your sign from THE NUMINOUS

Thinking about which form of therapy will suit your unique needs? Wolf Sister from the numinous has some suggestions for every sign of the Zodiac… : C A P R I C O R N :: Capricorn is one of the most driven and dedicated signs of the zodiac. An earth sign with a strong work ethic, Capricorn is led by Saturn, the planet associated with the skeleton, joints and teeth. When you are overworking yourself, self-care may fall by the wayside and tension may build up in these areas. CranioSacral therapy is a hands-on technique that restores the flow of energy in the body. It facilitates the release of blocked energy and tensions stored in the body, relieving pain and associated dysfunction. Often used in conjunction with osteopathy, the light touch in this therapy encourages the body to relax and rebalance, enhancing flexibility and well-being. Find it: The Sen Wellness clinic in London runs regular retreats internationally, which incorporate CranioSacral therapy with yoga and other body work. Other suggestions for other signs of the Zodiac