Diana Suleimanova

Diana Suleimanova

Yoga Teacher

Originally trained as a dancer and choreographer, Diana stepped into her Yoga journey in 2013. Yoga initially served Diana as a powerful rehabilitation tool for a serious knee injury and has become the instrument she uses to attain greater health, knowledge, wisdom, and happiness.

Throughout this transformation, Yoga has become Diana’s passion, and it is now present in every aspect of her life, expanding from the mat to a holistic way of understanding life, connecting her inner and physical being with the elements and with others around her.

Diana is a Certified Level 3 Hatha Yoga Teacher, providing both group and one-to-one classes in London, and hosting yoga retreats. In addition to her yoga training, she is a Reiki Level 2 and Crystal Singing Bowls Level 1 practitioner.

Diana also delivers mindfulness sessions with a functional approach for busy individuals who want to restore work-life balance and maximise their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. She helps participants to focus on their body sensations, manage restless minds and lift their mood and energy levels, with simple, yet effective, body-minded practices.

Diana’s mission is to create and hold a safe space for an inspirational and transformational practice that will allow people to see their inner and outer beauty by connecting mind, body and soul.


"Thank you, Sam, for your beautiful energy and Sen Wellness for being my perfect sanctuary to restore and renew my system when I need it most.”

Lori Silmon Neilson

– December 2020

"Sam fixed me within months, and I got my life back. Continuing to see Sam for my overall wellbeing, he has been a major factor in my positive life changes."

Cheryl Wing

- December 2020

"Sen Wellness Clinic and Sam have been one of the most significant discoveries I have ever made."

Blanca Martin

– November 2020