Uncover the subconscious mental and emotional patterns stored in your body through conscious connected breathing.

Breathwork is a transformational tool capable of accessing and liberating blockages on all levels of our being, and in the process, gives us tremendous insight into what it is that might be hindering us from achieving our fullest potential.

During conscious connected breathing, our neofrontal cortex goes into a state of transient hypofrontality, which enables the more instinctual and primordial parts of our brain (limbic and brainstem) to become more dominant. This neurological state is what characterises the non-ordinary states of consciousness that can be experienced through deep meditation, as well as other spiritual practices that have formed a crucial part of our human experience.

Research is now exploring the potential healing benefits of non-ordinary states of consciousness for various conditions such as depression, stress, panic attacks, addictions, grief, anxiety, pain management, just to name a few.


"Thank you, Sam, for your beautiful energy and Sen Wellness for being my perfect sanctuary to restore and renew my system when I need it most.”

Lori Silmon Neilson

– December 2020

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Cheryl Wing

- December 2020

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Blanca Martin

– November 2020